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Moe Makes A Comeback

In this corner: Gizmo Joe! He’s been advertising and stealing market share from his competition. He is becoming a household name and is being recognized as the industry leader. In this corner: It’s Moe’s Gizmos! Moe has been around forever. He was the original. Moe didn’t advertise and now it’s... Read More

Joe vs. Moe

Gizmo Joe started a new business and wanted to advertise. Joe Boosted his business with Curtis Media and had total success! Moe’s Gizmos has been around for a while, so Moe didn’t think he needed to advertise. Moe started losing business becuase his competitor, Gizmo Joe, was advertising and gaining... Read More

Stay Local With Radio

The Curtis Media Group wants you to know that we’re here with you during this difficult time. Local radio has been your friend through the many hurricanes that have devastated our community and we’re here right now. Radio is an engaging medium that connects with listeners in Eastern North Carolina... Read More

Radio Consistency is key in 2020. Book your ads now for 2020.

Consistency is the word for 2020.  Savvy advertisers realize that frequency equals customers.  Name three toothpaste companies.  Can you name more than three?  The toothpaste companies that keep their name out there are the businesses that you remember, and more than likely purchase from.  Is your business consistent with advertising? ... Read More