ENCRADIO.COM is a web site devoted to providing advertisers and listener 's information about Eastern North Carolina marketing area. This website was created by the Beasley Broadcast Group, which owns and operates six market leading radio stations in the area and has been proudly serving Eastern NC since 1961.

My name is Bruce Simel. I am the General Manager for Beasley Broadcast Groups radio stations in Eastern NC. I have been working with the Beasley 's since 1985. Every day is an adventure because every day is different. When you turn on our radio stations more often than not you 're hearing live local programming. We 're on the air to serve 24/7/365! Radio; it 's creative, ever changing, powerful, exciting and rewarding for we truly make a difference in the daily lives of the communities, advertisers and listeners we serve. Thanks for stopping by.


Each week the radio stations located right here in Eastern North Carolina (we call it "The ENC") reach approximately 1 MILLION listeners! Imagine if all these listeners decided to keep their money at home by shopping locally. Our local economy would boom because money spent locally re-circulates over and over providing jobs and 75% more revenue for our communities and state. Beasley Broadcasting encourages you this season and every season to give our local merchants a chance to earn your business. You'll find great choices, personal service, character, and I bet a great price too. Local business, local dollars, local radio. Local .... It 's spoken here.


Our metro area is called the Greenville, New Bern, Jacksonville NC metro after our three largest cities. Our metropolitan area spans nine counties and is home to more than 528,000 people. Many of our local radio stations also reach into the surrounding total survey area which includes an additional 13 counties. All totaled our areas has a population of 1,014,700 and each week radio reaches 92% of all these people! Our market is very diverse both demographically and economically. 24.9% of the market is African American and just under 4% Hispanic. Because of our multiple military bases our market is also a young market. Our economic and employment base is diverse as well with employment in education, health, services, the military, light manufacturing, retirees, agriculture and tourism. Eastern North Carolina is largely blue collar and obviously very spread out with long commutes. Advertisers that want to reach the market have to decide between multiple cable systems, 6 daily papers, and an influx of surrounding network TV stations, a very spread billboard market or radio stations which reach every corner of Eastern NC. It 's some of the reasons radio is THE primary medium for advertising in Eastern NC.


73% of all American consumers make listening to the radio a daily habit and 92% of radio listeners listen through the commercials. The radio industry has been one of the most adaptable mediums embracing new technologies successfully time and time again. Today radio is embracing the internet with great on line products, brand new High Definition products and more.


In 1961 George Beasley, a high school principal in Eastern North Carolina, built a small AM radio station in nearby Benson NC. From this humble start George Beasley fell in love with local radio and began to acquire additional stations all with the goal of super serving listeners, advertisers and communities with radio tailored to local needs and tastes. Today the Beasley Broadcast group owns and operates 42 radio stations, six right here in the ENC. The same creed to super serve our local listeners, advertiser and communities is still very much our mission. It's local radio done right.


We have a great group of radio stations in the ENC and each is uniquely programmed to serve Eastern North Carolina listeners and communities. Over the years we have raised MILLIONS of dollars to benefit local non-profits and charities including the Children 's Miracle Network, Relay for Life, Food Banks, women 's shelters, Community of Excellence and hundreds of other charities. It is with a personal sense of pride that we support these critically important causes.

In Eastern North Carolina we are fortunate to have technical facilities that afford our radio stations tremendous market coverage; a key ingredient to any radio station 's success. Our most valuable resource however, is not our great coverage, but our energetic and passionate employees.

The past decade has not been kind to traditional broadcasters and various other media outlets. Many of the problems being encountered have been self inflicted. Big corporate firms have trimmed their programming and news gathering budgets, reduced local content and increased their commercial load. At Beasley we have not been immune to these economic challenges, but have fared well by staying focused on our mantra of super serving our LOCAL communities and advertisers. At our stations we work hard to connect with listeners throughout the day and make our stations indispensable in times of crisis. This connection creates loyal and personal relationships with those we serve. Its local radio done right.

To learn more about the individual Beasley stations just click on the logo below. It will take you right to the station's website where you can listen on line and find information all about the station's format, unique position, on air features, talent, services, brand new HD2 stations and more.

We thank you; our advertisers, listeners and community partners for stopping by and being part of what makes local radio so powerful. Without you it would not be possible.






Powerful. Personal. Profitable.
9 Great Reasons to Use Radio

1. Radio in Eastern North Carolina "the ENC" is everywhere
Think of radio and you are sure to identify with its connective, omnipresence. At home, working, driving, exercising, gardening, biking, walking, partying, boating, waiting, ironing, cleaning, waking, showering, dancing, reading, learning, fixing, moving, being, picnicking, running, surfing the Internet and thousands of other daily activities.

2. Radio is valued.
The average ENC resident spends just more than 18 hours a week listening to radio. Folks in the ENC value radio because it assures them relevant information on the pulse of their communities. They tune in to be entertained and informed. Everyday ENC listens, providing businesses with effective and profitable marketing opportunities.

3. Radio is influential.
In the 21st century stronger and more-enduring customer relationships are critical to long-term profits. Radio is the medium of relationships. It delivers unsurpassed marketing value by introducing your business to thriving, lifestyle specific customer segments. ENC radio personalities and stations build trust with their listeners and influence them closest to the time of purchase. Radio keeps your sales funnel strong by building top of the mind awareness and converting listeners to buyers when the time is right.

4. Radio is linked.
New technologies link radio to your customers and they respond to opportunity, contest, and information. Folks in the ENC access station web sites and they invite emails for informational updates and dialogue. What's evolving is a powerful real-time personal listener-station interaction that surpasses any other medium. There's unlimited potential toward building a powerful customer relationship when combining the forces of radio and media technology.

5. Radio is targeted.
Thousands of local people with the same values, musical tastes, and similar demographic wants and desires tune in to their favorite stations. Meaning you will achieve daily access to healthy target groups in numbers that make economic sense. Market share means everything and radio makes sure you get yours.

6. Radio is community.
ENC radio is more than commercial spots. It is targeted interactive and integrated local marketing. Each station in the ENC is involved with their listeners. Stations continually engage the community by sponsoring concerts, spearheading charity fundraisers and offering entertaining local video clips on the Internet. Integrate your business with the radio marketing experience and your business will grow.

7. Radio is consistent.
In 2008, ENC radio reached 92% or 477,400 of all residents in the Greenville, New Bern, Jacksonville nine county Metro area and 926,500 in the greater ENC area which includes an additional 13 counties. Every week all year long, no matter the day, month, or season.

8. Radio is flexible.
ENC radio is responsive to your marketing needs. Your message can be created and/or changed quickly without the steep production costs and delays of other media.

9. Radio is effective.
Radio creative when scheduled appropriately by day-part and weekday, enables you to deliver your message closest to time sensitive habitual purchases like eating or choosing evening or weekend entertainment. Listeners will act on your marketing message and participate in station promotions and events.


Radio is an exciting ever-changing medium that is spreading its wings and soaring through new waves of technology. Our station web sites have the ability to stream broadcasts to listeners worldwide with just the click of a mouse. Social networking with web sites such as Facebook is making stronger connections between our stations and listeners by keeping them engaged and wanting stay up to date with the latest happenings. Radio is also crossing into the realm of mobile devices through extensive listener text campaigns and streaming applications such as iRadioNOW. The iRadioNOW application from Beasley Interactive gives our listeners worldwide access to 36 radio stations with mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Interactive technology is taking radio marketing to a new level, businesses are continuing to jump on board and grow as a result. For more information on how your business could grow with Beasley Interactive, contact Jonathan Toler and visit www.BeasleyInteractive.com.